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O teu primeiro emprego EURES 

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Project realization period from 02/01/2017 to 01/31/2019

This project will cover a large number of job placements such as jobs, internships and work placements. The job, internship or apprenticeship must be in a country other than the country of residence of the young applicant, established in a legally binding employment agreement with the employer, ie there must be an employment contract signed between the parties. Successful candidates are entitled to remuneration, information on rights and duties, and adequate social protection.

The YFEJ refers primarily to the first job, internship or apprenticeship opportunity offered in another Member State to any young job seeker, trainee or apprentice (hereinafter referred to as "candidates") with the support of this scheme.

Participants - Youth

YFEJ does not exclusively target participants starting out in the labour market. YFEJ gives priority to candidates seeking an opportunity for their first job, internship or apprenticeship in another Member State. However, having previously studied, worked or being a trainee in another Member State, including a previous participation in an EU mobility program, is not a reason for the immediate exclusion of a candidate.


Participants - Companies

Employers are all companies or other organizations legally established in the EU28 and in the EFTA / EEA countries under the EEA Agreement (Iceland and Norway), regardless of the economic sector, with a particular focus on SMEs.

The financial support provided by YFEJ is therefore in particular intended to help SMEs interested in recruiting from another Member State to implement an integration program for newly recruited candidates.


So, am I eligible?

Companies Young candidates
The organization is legally established in an EU country, Iceland or Norway. Being a citizen or legal resident in an EU country, Iceland or Norway.
Have a maximum of 250 employees. Be between 18 and 35 years old.
You wish to receive a candidate residing in another EU country, Iceland or Norway, through the YfEj program, with a contract signed for a minimum duration of 6 months. Registered in employment services and applying for a job in one of the EU countries (other than country of residence), Iceland or Norway, with a minimum contract of 6 months.s


What financial support is available?


Companies Young Candidates
If the company has a maximum of 250 employees, it can have financial support for the integration of new employees through the YfEj Program Integration in the company You may have financial support to support the following expenses:
Integration in the company . Job interview

- Installation / placement in the host country

- Language courses that support the integration of the project

- Recognition of professional qualifications and /or diplomas

An additional travel allowance may be granted to applicants with special needs and / or the outermost regions of the European Union.


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