16 Abr 2024

E-Teams Project Newsletter

The E-Teams Project

The aim of the project is use of game components in an educational contexts to provide the best support for at risk students. With schools being closed by the pandemic, vulnerable students risk falling further behind, also when distance learning is provided. E-TEAMS intends to offer a game path in digital format in connection with the reflection about career guidance and the development of career management skills, through the relationship with peers.

The main story

Let’s talk about the E-Teams Training!
From the 25 th to the 27 th of July of 2022, our Project had a training in Setúbal, in Portugal. This Training had the goals to bring professionals of the Education area to be involved in the project.




First day of Traning

The first day of Training was the one where people got to meet each other and were introduced to E-TEAMS project. Then, the first theme to be approached was Career Management Skills and how they can be used as learning objectives of career education interventions.
Moreover in this day, education professionals were introduced to gamification and how to use it for education. Participants also took part in co-creation on rooms of the game the Project is developing.





Second day of Training

In this day, we talked about using digital tools to engage and also of My Career Plan, that is the portfolio for career learning that are being developed. We also used this day to contribute to other rooms for the game that the project is developing.







Third day of Training

The third day of Training was about peer education and why it is important, more co- creating of the rooms and to review the results of the Training.
It was a good time passed in this Training and a time focused on E-TEAMS project that contributed a lot to it. It showed how, together, education professionals can be a very important tool to benefit the project and, as consequence, the prevention of school dropout.
Find and article written by one of the participatns of the training about his experience here >>