10 May 2023

E-Teams Project Newsletter

The E-Teams Project

The aim of the project is use of game components in an educational contexts to provide the best support for at risk students. With schools being closed by the pandemic, vulnerable students risk falling further behind, also when distance learning is provided. E-TEAMS intends to offer a game path in digital format in connection with the reflection about career guidance and the development of career management skills, through the relationship with peers.

The main story

The quality of a country’s education system is not only an indicator of the past, but also of future levels of development and welfare. It is not in vain, providing universal schooling that is also capable of stimulating the comprehensive development of children and young people is a strategic objective of the first magnitude in the most advanced nations.

We are no strangers to this concern. This is why, on a recurrent basis, the training of our young people, the education of our young people and, in particular, the problem of school failure, are the subject of public debate. Failure at school is now considered to be a major problem. The importance of this issue has led, in recent times, to the appearance of numerous analyses and various studies which attempt to find out the causes and establish the real extent of school failure and dropout in our country.


Challenges & Solutions

School failure and dropout is a problem in which educational, personal and social factors play an active role. In this sense, we must:

  • Increase individual and family expectations and strategies in relation to education.
  • Promote research that focuses on specific territories and groups.
  • Strengthen academic and vocational guidance in educational centres.
  • Develop personalised training itineraries adapted to each individual.




The E-Teams Proposal

In this context, our project aims at providing schools with an innovative approach of “digital e-guidance and co-careering” based on:

  • The European framework of Career Management Skills (CMS), a set of skills to enable individuals in lifelong career management.
  • The best gamification techniques and a set of digital open badges to award the peer to peer engagement of all students.
  • An education program for preventing early school leaving, organised online by E-TEAMS of students to foster co-careering activities and peer-to-peer e-learning
  • An open e-learning platform for improving CMS and a web App for promoting access to the E-TEAMS game and e-tutorship also by smartphones.



What else?

Furthermore, the E-TEAMS project aims atproviding teachers with digital and pedagogical skills to support students’ active engagement in presence and in lock down times, using an innovative platform, gamification and peer-to-peer learning.
Its application will not only have the direct effect of improving academic performance, but will also produce other secondary effects, such as improved peer relations, reduced disruptive behaviour, improved classroom behaviour, control of emotions and increased motivation and self-esteem.





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