The Pedagogical Center began its activity in September 2006 with the objective of designing and developing projects of an educational nature. The quality and rigor of our work have contributed to the strong brand image that the company has already acquired at a regional level.

Our ambition was born of a view of education which considers it necessary to prepare people for the world of tomorrow, a diverse and competitive world in which those with an excellent education will be successful. The future demands that everyone is able to face, in an affirmative and successful way , the demands that will be placed on them in a scenario of change and uncertainty.

Companies, parents, guardians, and people in general are aware of this and we have a set of services unparalleled in the district at your disposal.

Any education project must be viewed in a global way, taking into account the multidimensional nature of each individual, providing experiences that allow a balanced personal development, the achievement of its objectives and a successful integration into society.
Thus, the Pedagogical Center is based on the following principles:
· understanding learning, fostering the interaction between learners and educators developed throughout life, and helping the individual develop the necessary skills of learning how to learn;
· an interdependence , educating beyond tolerance, around common projects that foster individual development and true interdependence to face challenges from an increasingly diverse and multicultural society, which should be seen as a resource and not as a problem.
· respect for the individual , we are all multi-faceted and endowed with a unique profile in terms of learning ability which must be reflected in an individualized educational path that allows for an integral development of our personality;
· The opportunity for the learner to take charge of their own learning and have an active role in the building of their own educational course;

· education and training , reflecting an ethical code strongly grounded in the key values of democracy, justice and freedom.

In the PEDAGOGICAL CENTER, we have the educational answers. All students enrolled are subject to an individualized diagnosis that allows the elaboration, by specialists, of the Work Plan that is most appropriate for each student. This plan can combine different modules of Educational Support with Explanations and periods in the Pedagogical Office. Flexibility is total, and individual or small group service can be chosen, either in the CENTRO or at home.

Students are covered from the 1st cycle up to Higher Education, arranged in groups according to their level of performance. In cases where it proves necessary, the Psychology and Guidance Service provides a discreet and competent support, and the student can join the Special Education Center.

Because we consider it essential to monitor the progress of the learner, periodic reports are prepared and can be accessed daily through the Pedagogical Center platform, where information such as content covered in the sessions, work dates, and test scores.

Features and distinctive marks of our service :

- Initial diagnosis,

- Modern and innovative learning system,

- Technological support of the future (portable computers, interactive whiteboard , multimedia projector , LCD screen ),

- Modular organization

- Adapting to the needs of the student,

- Supervision by experienced professionals,

- Free Internet Access Broadband,

- Monthly pedagogical evaluation report ,

- Customized study plan,

- Pleasant, fully air-conditioned workspace with natural light in all rooms.

10 Reasons to choose the Pedagogical Center for your student's success:

1 - Non-formal Education Institution recognized by the Ministry of Education (aut. 11 0272 / DRELVT)
2 - Excellent results of our students (average success above 90%)
3 - Teaching Direction professional and qualified
4 - Excellence at the level of services provided
5 - Information and continuous contact
6 - Professionalism and stability of the faculty
7 - Diversity of the services provided according to the needs of the students
8 - Cutting edge technological support
9 - Cordiality and availability of attendance
10 - Excellent price-quality relationship


Upcoming activities at the Pedagogical Center.