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Curricular Enrichment Activities

Family Support Component

Curricular Enrichment

Our project to organize curriculum enrichment activities is based on a professional organization that meets the needs of schools, and is carried out by highly qualified professionals.

Since 2007, EDUGEP has developed projects with Afonsoeiro and Sarilhos Grandes School Groups, by Maestro Jorge Peixinho and Canha, Pegões and Santo Isidro (in Montijo); Palmela School Group, José Saramago and José Afonso (in the municipality of Palmela) and Alhos Vedros (in the municipality of Moita), Nuno Gonçalves School Group (in the municipality of Lisbon), Augusto Cabrita School Group, Barreiro School Group, Álvaro Velho School Association and Santo António School Group (in the municipality of Barreiro), Association of Schools of the Order of Santiago, Luísa Todi School Group, Bocage School Group (in the municipality of Setúbal) and Mário Beirão School Group ( in county Beja), having developed activities in the areas of English, Physical and Sports Activity, Citizenship Education , Expressive Play Activities, IT, Chess, Dance, Book and Reading and Experimental Sciences.