Privacy Policy

I - Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Privacy and personal data protection of all customers and users of the services provided by EDUGEP, at any time, constitute an essential aspect of our operation.

Respect for the privacy of customers is a priority for EDUGEP, which is committed to complying with the General Regulation on Data Protection guidelines.

This Privacy Policy may, at any time, be subject to change or revision, any changes or revisions being duly disclosed and communicated on the EDUGEP website.

II - What is Personal Data

Personal data is information of any nature and regardless of its support, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable person. Any person who can be identified directly and indirectly, including by reference to an identification number or to one or more specific elements of his or her physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity, shall be identifiable.

III- Collection and Processing of Personal Data

EDUGEP is responsible for the collection and processing of customers´ personal data.

IV - Responsibility for data communicated to third parties

EDUGEP may, in the exercise of its activity and within the scope of the services it provides, subcontract third parties for the pursuit of the aforementioned purposes and for the development and management of its IT systems, which may imply access by those entities to personal data of our customers. When this happens, EDUGEP shall take appropriate measures to ensure that these entities comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Outside of these cases, EDUGEP will only transmit the personal data of its customers to third parties, when this is required by virtue of legal provision and only in the strict measure of their obligations.

V - Conditions for Collection of Personal Data

EDUGEP only collects and processes personal customer data with their explicit consent, according to each of the specific purposes of the process in question, under the terms provided in the Personal Data Protection Law.

The consent provided by customers may be withdrawn at any time, free of charge.

There is, however, personal data that is essential for the provision of the Services by EDUGEP, (obligatory data), and customers are duly informed in advance of this need and the consequences of not making such data available.

If personal data, considered as essential, is not provided by customers or proves to be insufficient, incorrect or outdated, EDUGEP can not provide the service(s) subscribed to, and clients will assume full and exclusive responsibility for this insufficiency or inaccuracy of the transmitted data.

VI - Period of Preservation of Personal Data

EDUGEP will only keep Customer's personal data for the period of time strictly necessary to enable:

  1. a) the provision of the service(s);
  2. b) the fulfillment of the legal obligations to which EDUGEP adheres to;
  3. c) the pursuit of the purposes of collection and / or processing;
  4. d) the exercise of customers' rights and the fulfillment of the corresponding obligations.

After the custody period, as described above, the personal data of the Customers will be definitively deleted by EDUGEP.

VII- Customer Rights with respect to their personal data

In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, the Customer is guaranteed the right to access, correct, update and delete personal data, as a holder of personal data, and such requests must be made free of charge to the following email:

VIII- Safety

EDUGEP implements the appropriate security measures necessary to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss and alteration, and unauthorized disclosure or access.

IX - Unsolicited electronic communications for direct marketing purposes

The individual customer's contact information may be used by EDUGEP, if it expressly authorizes it, in direct marketing actions and promotion of services made available by the customer, pursuant to the provisions of article 13 of Law No. 41 / 2004, August 18 in the version conferred by Law no. 46/2012, August 29.

In the case of a client that is a corporate person, EDUGEP may send unsolicited communications for direct marketing purposes relating to goods and services provided by the company, except if the Customer expressly refuses future receipt of such communications and subscribes to the list national of legal persons that expressly express opposition to the receipt of unsolicited communications for direct marketing purposes that the General Directorate of the Consumer (DGC) has to keep up to date.

In any of the supra-referenced cases, the client shall have the right to expressly and freely, oppose the sending by EDUGEP of electronic communications for the purposes of direct marketing, through electronic mail.

The Client may thus exercise his legitimate rights by sending na email to:, addressed to the marketing department.

Edugep's Quality Policy

THE EDUGEP Quality Policy aims at employee satisfaction and the accomplishment of provision of services in an appropriate and continuous way, allowing a competitive advantage.


THE EDUGEP Quality Policy implies a strategy of common management and performance that can only be achieved with teamwork, in which everyone strives to collaborate, promoting the continuous improvement of the services provided. This policy is set to:

  • Provide services in a personalized and professional manner;
  • Satisfy and anticipate customers' needs and expectations, allowing a permanent adaptation and improvement of services;
  • To support the clients, finding solutions and providing a service of recognised excellency;
  • Establish partnerships based on mutual trust and common goals;
  • Ensure specialized technical and human resources that support our activity, guaranteeing the rigor and quality in its selection, in order to satisfy the needs of the clients.
  • Ensure the integrated development of the competencies of our human resources, ensuring their achievement, motivation and satisfaction, in order to improve the quality of the services provided;
  • Ensure timely, clear and fluent communication with our customers, employees and suppliers;
  • Ensure the efficient use of resources in order to reduce the impact of activities and services;
  • Exercise a socially responsible attitude to all stakeholders, guaranteeing equal opportunities;
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 and the norms and laws applicable to the sector, ensuring a commitment to continuous improvement.

Informação aos Clientes no âmbito da proteção de dados pessoais

A Edugep, Concepção, desenvolvimento e gestão de projetos de natureza educacional, social e cultural, Lda., doravante “EDUGEP”, com sede na Avenida Independência das Colónias nº 6 – B, 2900-406 Setúbal, é a responsável pelo tratamento de dados pessoais dos seus Clientes. Para assuntos relacionados com proteção de dados, o Cliente poderá contactar pelo email: O presente documento tem como objetivo prestar informação para melhor compreensão do Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados (RGPD), nomeadamente quanto ao tratamento dos dados pessoais e quanto aos direitos dos seus titulares.

  1. Recolha, fundamento de legitimidade e finalidade do tratamento de dados pessoais.

A EDUGEP recolhe dados pessoais, no âmbito da relação comercial que estabelece com os seus Clientes e trata esses dados por imperativo legal, para o cumprimento de diligências pré-contratuais e contratuais, na prossecução de um interesse legítimo.

  1. Armazenamento/detenção de dados pessoais

No âmbito do cumprimento das disposições legais e contratuais a que a EDUGEP se encontra vinculada, os dados pessoais são conservados durante o período necessário ao cumprimento das diligências pré-contratuais e dos contratos em vigor, bem como, durante o prazo necessário ao cumprimento das obrigações legais e à defesa dos direitos correspondentes.

  1. Definição e dado pessoal e categoria específica de dados

Dado pessoal é a informação relativa a uma pessoa singular (titular dos dados) que a identifica ou a torna identificável.

  1. Transmissão de dados pessoais

No contexto da relação comercial estabelecida com o Cliente, a EDUGEP poderá proceder à comunicação dos seus dados pessoais às seguintes entidades: a) Seguradoras, b) Entidades públicas, tal como a Autoridade Tributária e DGEST, unicamente para efeitos das obrigações legais associadas à relação comercial.

  1. Direitos dos titulares dos dados

A EDUGEP assegura aos titulares dos dados o exercício dos direitos que a Lei lhes confere, nomeadamente: a) o direito ao acesso, b) o direito à retificação, c) o direito à portabilidade e, quando aplicável, d) o direito à limitação do tratamento, e) o direito à oposição, f) o direito ao apagamento.

Para o exercício desses direitos os titulares poderão dirigir-se à EDUGEP ou utilizar o email Adicionalmente os titulares têm o direito de apresentar reclamação à Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados, sempre que o tratamento dos seus dados viole o disposto no Regulamento.

Follow the code of good conduct for preventing and combating workplace harassment.