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In Educational Support, the student learns to study, organize school work, consolidate and acquire knowledge through the accomplishment of diversified activities , responding to the needs of daily school work with qualified teachers and with successful outcomes. Aimed at students who attend the first to the ninth year and who need support of their studies - clarification of doubts and preparation of assessment sheets - these sessions last for 90 minutes, varying their number according to the Work Plan of the student. These modules can be grouped with Pedagogical Office modules and Tuition.
Upon entering the center, a student is interviewed by the psychologist, and the teacher becomes aware of the methods and habits of study, school progress and, in some cases, aspects of the student's personality. All information collected are compiled in a report and the student can be referred to a combination of modules of Educational Support, Tuition, Pedagogical Office and/or psychotherapy. The final say on the student´s course however will always belong to their educator.
Professores e alunos têm acesso à biblioteca, a fichas do próprio centro, ao uso do SMARTBoard e de outros recursos tecnológicos (todas as salas estão preparadas com equipamento informático). O Pedagogical Center disponibiliza ainda aos encarregados de educação, por meio de uma área reservada na nossa página, a consulta regular de todas as informações acerca do progresso dos seus educandos, proporcionando mais um meio de comunicação entre pais e professores, além das reuniões presenciais, sempre que desejado.

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