A Escola de Programação da EDUGEP oferece um serviço amplo e com diversas vertentes, direcionadas às necessidades efetivas das empresas e da educação/formação quer dos jovens, quer dos profissionais da área. Assim, formar programadores de excelência é fundamental porque terão lugar garantido no mercado de trabalho e ter crianças e jovens mais capacitadas com ferramentas para entender áreas fundamentais como a lógica e a matemática terá reflexos positivos no seu percurso escolar. Os programadores terão na EDUGEP – Coding School lugar marcado com encontros e desafios que os vão colocar à prova e podem aqui desenvolver novas áreas e competências. Por fim, mas não menos importantes, os serviços que oferecemos para dar resposta efetiva às necessidades das pessoas e das empresas nesta área.


Studies indicate that the area of programming is where demand has never been so great and the employment opportunities continue to increase with almost all our daily activities based on coding. This is a rapidly growing virtually endless and area!

The latest projections of 2020 ICT needs and labor supply indicate that in Portugal there are will be about 15,000 potential jobs to be filled due to lack of qualified human resources.

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) are one of the areas most sought after by employers in Portugal and Europe with programming being the area with the most vacancies. Thus, quality training programmes are fundamental to a guaranteed place in the job market.

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Upcoming courses to be held at the Coding School

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Curso de Youtube para Jovens e Crianças

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Curso Word

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Curso Excel

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A Coding School na sua vertente KIDS visa permitir aos mais novos a descoberta do universo do código, que os vai ajudar de uma forma criativa, interativa e lúdica a pensar de modo inovador.

It is at an early age that there should be more stimulation of the various areas of learning, since children are in a developmental phase and are therefore more willing to learn

In addition to learning the languages of the future, coding also develops problem solving skills, contributing to the acquisition of new techniques and promoting school success.

This complement to regular education, aims to initiate children into the very important areas of programing, robotics e 3D printing, thus helping them develop and approach concepts of Mathematics, Philosophy, Logic and English. It opens a new window of opportunities, promoting teamwork, approaching technology in a different way. All these abilities are essential today.

Is it possible for a young man to sit in front of the computer without playing or surfing the Internet? Yes, it is! The small programmer can have the will and ambition to create and program what he plays and even research into the "world" of Programming and Coding.









The many skills that have been developed around the use and transfer of information, telecommunications and Internet technologies are now a basis for job creation. Almost unparalleled and far from being exhausted, they are essential for the large-scale increase of qualified IT staff at various levels: to develop new products / services to companies in the global market, streamline business models and capture opportunities in the global marketplace.

This expansion of human resources will result either from the promotion of ICT-based learning practices or from the training of employees and the unemployed with the aim of assisting them in the acquisition of new skills or finding a new area to follow professionally. Our TRAINING department aims to empower people in the ICT areas, thus opening new horizons and giving them new work tools.

With on-site courses with rooms equipped with technology, and with specialized trainers we guarantee a quality training course enabling the development of new skills in the ICT areas.

Our goal is to equip professionals with advanced technical skills in any of the areas related to ICT.

We believe that this wide range of activities, to which electronic commerce, interactive advertising and multimedia content for use on various platforms can be added, is one of the most promising areas for training and re-training of tens of thousands of young people and also of unskilled workers who lack qualifications for employability.


In this age, the outdating of knowledge does not seem to slow down, being estimated that in the digital domain the outdating amounts to 30% per year. In 3 years, without reinvestment in improvement or recycling, professionals are at serious risk of being left with outdated knowledge and skills, a situation that does not meet the demands of the ICT job market.

It is therefore necessary to consolidate a lifelong learning system, creating the conditions for training courses according to our needs, and creating mechanisms of advice and guidance that allow professionals to be referred to digital knowledge areas according to their profile and training needs.

The validation of skills through certified training is an added value, thus providing professional recognition and employability. Promoting the development of new skills, sharing and knowledge is fundamental in the world of ICT, so professionals in the ICT areas will have a place here for meetings, training and challenges that constitute a competitive advantage, where they can develop new areas and skills.


Companies increasingly need tools and staff that are capable of sustainable development, on the one hand, because the gradual transfer to cyberspace of marketing, transactions, customer relations and technical assistance to users companies has become crucial for its competitiveness in the internal market and for its internationalization, on the other with the aim of offering an innovative and effective service, our school provides its clients with training tailored to the needs of companies and their employees , qualifies them in the area of ICT, enabling the development of new skills that help them in their daily lives.

E-BUSINESS is characterized by the way it supports companies by empowering them with new tools and new resources to boost their business, which is the necessary tool to leverage the number of companies that use digital and digital based companies, and to develop the digital economy and markets. Workers increasingly need ICT skills to carry out their tasks at work, this suggests a continued growth in employability in the sector and highlights the need to promote these skills among workers.


It is essential to focus on research and development and investment promotion, together with technological training and qualification of human resources. The systematization of digital learning, consolidated by collaboration between institutions and the establishment of partnerships is going to drive Digital Economy in the coming years.

The era of the Information and Knowledge Society, strongly marked by the rapid advance of research, innovation, application and massification of information as well as communication technologies, opens new perspectives for business, employment and creation of new professions.

Encouraging scientific activity and Research and Development (R&D) with the objectives of: encouraging investment by capitalizing on existing highly specialized infrastructures and human resources, creating lifelong learning dynamics and conditions for digital employability by promoting training, as well as implementing good practices that allow to build a new economic identity based on digital knowledge.

Streamlining technology-based entrepreneurship (in particular digital base) as a way to position EDUGEP at the forefront of digital innovation and leveraging the Digital Single Market, we support companies and entrepreneurs in the creation and implementation of their projects, as well as in capturing investment and support.